NCPPDSA is a NGO with nine Provincial Associations for Persons with Disabilities. This organisation provides support for thousands of clients with varying needs and from diverse groups throughout South Africa.

A national priority in South Africa is to address the many social development needs of individuals, families, groups and communities. Social auxiliary work is acknowledged as being an essential element in addressing these priority needs. Social Auxiliary Work as well as Social Work are in the frontline of development and transformation.

This project was launched in Bloemfontein during September 2010 with the registration of 17 learners, of whom 30% were persons with disabilities. The project was conducted with the assistance of Dr Masonette du Toit from CBA who acted as Project Coordinator, Lead Coach and Moderator. CBA’s extensive experience with persons with disabilities within the training context proved to be invaluable to the project.

Combining the focus of the NCPPDSA with the contribution of SAW’s will go far to meeting the social welfare needs of communities, particularly those in under-resourced areas. All involved in this project treasure it as special. CEFA through CBA is enabling both the individual learners and their communities to move forward in life enhancement by an ever-growing compound factor. Upliftment of individuals and their communities in this way makes for happier, healthier members of a progressively productive society. Such societies move on from being “Developing” to “Developed” societies, with all the moral, social and life enrichment benefits that that entails.This project was concluded very successfully and awaits verification by the HWSETA.