Feedback from CEFA facilitator Ibtisaam Peck regarding SAW 2020 January Vasco 1 intake

The learners in the group came from various areas in the Western Cape, most of who reside in the city areas. The dynamics in the group were amicable and the learners had good relationships with one another. There were a few that were quite competitive, but this never resulted in any difficulties within the class. One learner was quiet and shy at the beginning of the class, but as she was put into positions where she needed to do presentations, she started coming out of her shell and gained much confidence. A remarkable improvement was seen from two learners who were challenged by the language barrier. Feedback from many of the learners was that they were excited to obtain their HWSETA certificate and then register with the SACSSP so that they will be able to apply for a job or move into new positions.