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Growth and Development
The year started in a rush – and the pace is quickening! All the programmes which started in January are well on their way; preparation for the intake on 2nd March 2015 is up to speed; we look forward to seeing you.

As we reported last month, CEFA participated in an Alternative Careers Information Session for those who were not successful with their applications to study at the University of the Western Cape. Not only is it noticeable that learner interest has changed to social auxiliary work, but the resultant partnership has strengthened our closer working relationship with the Department of Social Work at the UWC. In line with the aim of the Hon. Minister of Higher Education (Dr Blade Nzimande), we are now well on the path to ‘….exploring and cooperating for the benefit of those who do not succeed in securing admission to institutions of higher education’.

To open doors and to empower people with knowledge, to work with and build the capacity of communities for self-reliance – and to make a contribution to nation building, are all fundamental to the core being of CEFA’s existence.

Community Development – Professional Growth
As we noted last month, CEFA recognises the need for professionals registered with statutory councils, especially the Health Professions Council of South Africa (HPCSA) and the South African Council for Social Service Professions (SACSSP) to access professional growth and stimulation opportunities in compliance with Continuing Professional Development (CPD) requirements.

Professionals across the board have voiced a need for accessible, affordable and accredited CPD activities. Responding to this need, CEFA has engaged with employers and employees alike to determine and prioritise the topics and types of activities which would add the most value to the medical and social service sectors; a wide range of activities is accredited by the HPCSA and SACSSP – and made available to Social Workers, Social Auxiliary Workers, child and youth care workers, registered nurses, medical doctors and other healthcare professionals.

Staying true to our core business model, CEFA will now bring CPD training to a venue near you. Visit our website at on a regular basis to find and book your space at one of our CPD events; our initial country-wide calendar for 2015 (April to August, so far) is available here. Please note that our dates are subject to change according to circumstances – and we do need a minimum number of people attending each course – so book as soon as you can.

Training Expansion – Short Courses
CEFA now offers more than 600 credit bearing short courses at any of our 54 or more delivery points across South Africa – CEFA is proud to announce the official launch of our partnership with Central Business Academy (CBA) – as the licence holder of CBA in the Western Cape. Both CEFA and CBA are respected service providers with proven track records. CBA is registered as a private further education and training college.

Skills development in South Africa is not only a Government priority; the majority of businesses are developing a culture of training. Our partnership with CBA not only extends our efforts to uplift previously disadvantaged groups in South Africa, but also aids Corporate South Africa with developing their Workplace Skills Development (WSD) plan and training programmes to add tangible value to BEE scorecards. Together with CBA, CEFA will help ensure that your skills development programmes equip your staff with the knowledge, skills and attributes needed to empower them to become proud corporate citizens of South Africa playing a positive role in elivering your vision and mission.

For more information contact Hugo Coetzee on 082 924 9126 or email

Training Updates

Community Development (CommDev)
Learners are currently busy with Module 4 of the programme after completing the field practice training of Module 3 and the subsequent examinations on 9th, 11th, 13th and
16th February.

On 5th February a project meeting was held between the Department of Social Development (DSD) and CEFA. The meeting was attended by Ms Mpontsen Kumeke of the Directorate of Community Development and Mr Sbusiso Malope of the Human Resources Department at the DSD National Office, together with learners registered for the qualification and some of their mentors; CEFA as represented By Dr Patrick Smith and Ms Juliet Carter, consultant, facilitator and assessor responsible for the coordination of the community development programme in Gauteng.

Learners expressed satisfaction with the programme, the facilitation and the facilitator support. However, since the meeting was only attended by 10 mentors it is difficult to generalise on their feedback, but the views expressed by them were complimentary of the training provided. The aspects identified by those present were mainly for DSD attention, as they were mainly matters which belong under the HR department.

Ms Jacqui Madima (DSD) also announced that learners who perform well and complete this qualification can apply for funding to register for a degree in social work. (Ms Madima has been promoted and her involvement with the Community Development programme will be taken over by Thando Nhlapo.) Also in attendance at the meeting was Mr Justice Mulaudzi, Senior Training Officer: Human Resource Development (DSD HR Dept, Gauteng).

The pre-verification consultation with the ETDP SETA took place on 20th February and the application with be submitted on 2nd March.

Social Auxiliary Workers (SAWs)
Giyani January 2013 intake. Remedial interventions were put in place for the Giyani learners. Once their portfolios of evidence are completed they will go forward for moderation and verification. The additional practical training concluded on 2nd February 2015.

January 2014 Intakes: The summative case study examination has been written and learners are reminded to submit all their outstanding documents as soon as possible.

July 2014 Intakes: The practical training for cycle 3 is currently underway, ending 20th March.

Jan 2015 Intake: Learners are required to submit their first practical assignments on 2nd March.

Applications for registration of these learners with the SACSSP have been submitted; we are awaiting the certificates from the Council.

March 2015 Intake: Due to the late finalisation of requests for training, additional training pogrammes will commence in Cape Town, Bloemfontein and Gauteng on Monday, 2nd March.

Mentor Orientation and Training
The entire mentor training for the January 2015 intake has been done at the Goodwood training centre for the groups in Goodwood and Elsies River respectively. Training was well attended and facilitators and mentors established a good working relationship. The mentor training for learners commencing on 2nd March will take place on 25th and 26th March.

Workplace Site Validations
The 2015 programme of work place site validations will start shortly. Workplaces which were validated in 2014 will not be visited again in 2015 since the validation is valid for two years.

These visits are needed to determine whether the settings for practical training are conducive to optimal integrated workplace learning, as well as to ensure compliance with the required health and safety requirements – in line with the requirements of the Health and Welfare SETA and the South African Qualifications Authority.


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