A good education is the best way out of poverty.

The people of South Africa’s communities need good, practical education in the ways to gain a better life. CEFA’s workplace oriented theory based training programmes measure up to the needs of those who seek to contribute to changing and advancing our communities. Building on our long experience with training Social Welfare Auxiliaries, we are now launching our Community Development training – at NQF Level 5.

Take note of our Open Day for social workers in Tzaneen on 14th May – see below.

Our community development (CommDev) training begins in Gauteng on 5th May 2014 (subject to schedule of learning approval by the Gauteng Department of Social Development). Study material is printed and ready to be despatched; all the required learner information has been recorded on the Learner Information Data Base. Information about the venue will be forwarded to the learners as soon as the contract is concluded – and we get the go-ahead.

Orientation and training of facilitators for the CommDev programme took place in Cape Town on 16th and 17th April and in Bloemfontein on 23rd April. Conducted by Dr Margie Maistry, training entailed exploring and refining the understanding of participants in both the concept of community development and their styles of facilitation – for two reasons: 1) most of those interested in facilitating are social workers who need to encompass the distinction between community development and community work, the latter being a method of social work practice, and: 2) the need to facilitate the programme content in a way that is meaningful to learners who are operating as community development workers, so that they can view their experiences in a new light. Further, whilst some prospective learners are already employed as community development workers, they are performing tasks which differ from the proposed scope of practice of the ‘new’ generation of workers.

All of us are looking forward to this big step forward in the development of South Africa’s communities.

We are still awaiting the HWSETA letter of endorsement for the February verification. Enquiries to the HWSETA continue to be delayed due to the HWSETA moving to new offices. Information on progress made will be posted on the CEFA website. However, we are assured that the waiting period for issuing the certificates should not be as long as it has been previously.


January 2013 intake:
Learners who started training in January 2013 have now completed all their summative case study reassessments. Moderation is currently under way. Learners who qualify for further assessments in terms of a development plan will be informed shortly, since the due date for the submission of written assignments is 12th May; those who qualify for further examinations will also write from 12th May. Learners who qualify for a development plan are those who at the end of the process have been assessed as Not Yet Competent (NYC) in three components of the programme –.either in practical assignments or in written examinations. Learners who are NYC in four or more components need to re-do them until they are assessed as Competent (C).

March 2013 intake:

Moderation is currently under way.

July 2013 intake:
These learners are currently busy with their practical training cycle, having completed their theoretical training on 4th April.

October 2013 intake:

These learners, from Welkom and Bethlehem, are now busy with their Cycle 2 practical training.

January 2014 Intake:

Our new year learners are currently involved with their Cycle 1 practical training – until 6th May.
NB: If you missed out on the January intake, please contact Marchane on 079 999 7558 to ensure your spot for July.

Mossel Bay & George:

For the mentors of learners in the Mossel Bay and George programmes, a very
successful mentor training programme was held in George on 10th April – following the interim verification conducted from 7th to 9th April.

Further mentoring:

The next scheduled mentor training will be from 12th to 16th May in Polokwane, Giyane, Middelburg and Edenvale.

Open Day – April:
CEFA hosted a mentor open day programme on 23rd April in Cape Town, which was combined with CPD training. The topic Coaching and Mentoring was presented by Dr Patrick Smith, Cefa’s Manager: Teaching and Learning; 66 representatives attended from agencies. Afterwards several of the senior staff members of the agencies expressed an interest in CEFA offering the training in-house at their organisations; others suggested a need for the training of directors and trustees of organisations.

CEFA will be hosting a free workshop for Social Workers on 14th May 2014, at Arbor Lodge in Tzaneen. As in our Cape Town open day, the main topic for the day: Mentoring and Coaching, will be presented by Dr Patrick Smith, CEFA’s Manager: Teaching and Learning.

Social Workers who attend the event will earn 5 free CPD points – and are encouraged to make use of this platform to enhance their skills and knowledge. More than 80 Social Workers attended our CPD event in Cape Town.

We ask all Social Workers to join hands with CEFA and become change agents in their communities. The event is hosted by CEFA and is free for Social Workers. RSVP by calling Marchane Janeke on 021-873-3998 or e-mail: marchane@cefa.co.za. www.CEFA.co.za

It is a requirement of the different SETAS that training providers conduct workplace site validations in order to ensure both that: a) the practical training is consistent with the programme requirements, and b) the workplace is compliant with the health and safety regulations. Workplace site validations will be conducted during in May 2014.


A Tribute
Being all too human at CEFA, we welcome feedback. Here is a heart-warming tribute from Letsie Van Eyk of Child Welfare SA in Fort Beaufort:

“I was privileged to attend a Social Aux Workers course during 2014 in Fort Beaufort. I am in a wheelchair and at first I was very skeptical to attend, but within hours I felt at home and very comfortable.

Mrs Kitshoff (Didi) and the rest of the class treated me the same as everybody else and was very attentive and helpful whenever I needed something. Must admit I was actually very spoiled, received my coffee and eats on time!!!!

The whole experience enriched my life and gave me a lot more confidence to address people
on an equal footing.

Mrs Kitshoff inspired me and made me take part in all the activities, even sort of dancing together and clapping hands, for a 58 /59 year old that was quite fun and a little bit silly, BUT BOY, did we enjoy. After the fun we worked and study hard.

I am grateful for the opportunity and wish all the other students success in all their future endeavours.

Dankie ou Didi!!! Dit was wonderlik om jou te leer ken en as vriendin te he asook al die ander
studente wat nog gereeld kontak hou.”

Our Roadshow Update
We said last month that here at CEFA we do not like to sit still – waiting for the ‘phone to ring or our screen tells us of an incoming email – and that we like to take our message to you. During the months of March and April, the Marketing Team introduced CEFA and its courses to more than 5,000 learners across the Western Cape. More than 40% interacted with the team and an overall 10% requested more information. The exhibitions in Bredasdorp, the massive expo in Paarl and, especially, in Steynville stood out as highlights. What really impressed the team was the positive attitude of learners towards the challenges faced by their communities – and especially how they saw their role in making a difference in the lives of their friends and family. We look forward to helping these future Change Agents realise their dreams.

Our last career days for our current Roadshow will be on 20th May at Sinethemba High School and on 27th May in Upington:

On 20th May we will be hosted by GrandWest CSI at Sinethemba High School; from 09h00 to 14h00 – planned for 15 schools in Phillipi, Nyanga and Gugulethu with 2 485 Grade 12 learners (644 Accounting; 593 Physical Science; 684 Mathematics). On 27th May our Upington Career Exhibition will be at Upington High School from 08h00 to 15h00.

Remember to join our Facebook page at www.facebook.com/CEFAinAfrica in order to stay up to date with all our expo dates.

We want you to hear from us, in person, what we are offering – and why what we offer is fundamental to the future well-being and strength of South Africa. Come and meet us – and hear what we have to tell you.

Our Web Connections
This month, due it would appear to school and public holidays, we have had fewer visitors. But those who did access us have, as before, come from a wide range of interests – and places around the globe. As always, we welcome your enquiries and your interest. We need to hear from you. What sparks your interest in the practical training and career paths that we offer?

Our Facebook page is at www.facebook.com/CEFAinAfrica – come visit us, like the page and interact with your peers from across South Africa.

We look forward to meeting you.