CEFA is proud to be one of the few training providers to be accredited for e-leaning.  During 2016 our my-eLEARNING platform were launched when CEFA was the very first provider to be accredited by the ETDP SETA to offer the Community Development NQF Level 5 qualification online.  During 2020 CEFA again became one of very few providers in the country to be accredited by the HWSETA to offer Social Auxiliary Work (NQF Level 4) and Child and Youth Care (NQF Level 4) online.

my-eLEARNING is a convenient and easy-to-use platform which brings our life changing training courses to your doorstep.  Our platform has been designed to enable learners to study from the comfort of their home, workplace or anywhere else in the world.

For those who prefer staying at home instead of travelling to a campus my-Elearning offers the opportunity to obtain a full qualification in Social Auxiliary Work, Child and Youth Care Work or Community Development while staying in your community.  The e-learning option does however not replace the Face to Face option, you can either choose the one or the other.

The my-eLEARNING platform offers you access to a wide variety of registered and credit bearing short courses as well as CPD (Continuing Professional Development) training courses for professionals. In future more of our courses will be offered on the my-eLEARNING platform to make learning accessible to all South Africans.

What is more, our platform offers excellent learner support, through a large number of key features.  Some of these features are the calendar function which assists learners to plan and stay up to date with their learning process, student mentoring support with the drafting of a student-mentor action plan so as to address all learner needs.

CEFA is a proud registered college and accredited Training Provider for National Certificates in Community Development (NQF Level 5 – ETDP SETA as well as QCTO), Social Auxiliary Work (NQF Level 4 – HWSETA as well as NQF Level 5 with QCTO) and Child and Youth Care Work (NQF Level 4 – HWSETA as well as NQF Level 5 with QCTO).

For more information please contact our office at 021-873-3998, WhatsApp us on 060 8512804, email us to, or follow us on facebook at