By law CEFA is not allowed to issue Social Auxiliary Work certificates, only the Health and Welfare SETA (HWSETA) has the authority to do so. This is in your own interest because the reason for the process is to protect your profession by preventing fraud and corruption.

It is important that candidates understand the entire process. After completion of your training the Training Provider (CEFA) notifies the HWSETA that training is completed. Verification is then done by
HWSETA in conjunction with the South African Council for Social Service Professions (SACSSP) to ensure that the Training Provider complies with all the requirements and to quality assure the process. Once the ETQA process is completed and the HWSETA is satisfied that everything is in order an endorsement letter is issued.

Only then CEFA are able to supply successful learners with a statement of results but the certification process is entirely out of our hands because the HWSETA is the responsible regulatory body. Once the certificates are issued by the HWSETA it is dispatched to CEFA and then immediately sent to the successful candidates. It is important that learners understand that HWSETA also needs to follow certain processes and therefore need to be allowed reasonable time to complete their processes.

Also take note that certificates are only issued if there are no outstanding fees payable to CEFA.


Date issued: October 15, 2014