The fourth and final Module of the “Be the Difference” Programme was presented from 8 to 10 May 2017 in Hawston.

Students were encouraged to think out of the box and to explore small business opportunities. The basic fundamentals of entrepreneurship were introduced to the group and they were able to dig deeper into the opportunities out there to start their own businesses while making a difference in their communities. The energy and creativity of this exceptional group of young adults contributed greatly to the success of the programme. Not only did the students learn new skills and gained more knowledge but, even more importantly, they whole-heartedly grasped the opportunity to develop themselves as the unique and talented individuals they are. Actively participating in all learning activities and courageously stepping out of their comfort zones optimised this learning opportunity. CEFA is proud of this group of students who successfully completed the “Be the Difference” Programme sponsored by the Johann & Gaynor Rupert Foundation.