HWSETA shared a memorandum with all Providers on 1 July 2024 that confirmed the following:

  • The HWSETA extended the enrolment of learners for all pre-2009 qualifications and skills programmes for one year.
  • The extension for enrolment of learners only applies to providers whose HWSETA accreditation is still valid for the relevant qualification and skills programmes.
  • HWSETA will not allow or process any accreditation, extension of scope, re-accreditation or skills programme applications during this extension period.

This memorandum allows accredited providers like CEFA to enrol learners Social Auxiliary Work (NQF Level 4); Child and Youth Care Work (NQF Level 4) up until 7 February 2025.

It is important to take note that the accreditation of some providers has lapsed and cannot be extended as per the HWSETA memorandum. Please therefore ensure to obtain confirmation of the accreditation status of a provider before you commence with your enrolment process.

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