The “blind fold” group exercise
The blindfold group exercise was done during module 4 as part of group work. Learners were all blindfolded and instructed to form a straight line in alphabetical order according to their surnames. This exercise was fun, but also taught learners valuable lessons in group dynamics, participation, cooperation etc.

A very successful group of learners
One of six groups of Social Auxiliary Workers in training. Wonderful!

Social Auxiliary Workers (SAW) Training in the North West Province
This North West SAW learnership training programme was postponed from February to March 2011 by the North West Department of Social Development, in order to accommodate more learners than originally planned – a development welcomed by CEFA. In order to assist learners with their travel arrangements from different villages and small towns in the Dr Ruth Segomotsi Mompati District, CEFA has split the total group of 165 learners into two, ‘bringing the training to the people’ in both Taung and Vryburg respectively. This increase in learner numbers – and the split into two groups – has opened the door to job creation with more facilitators employed and mentors involved than originally planned.This project reached the final stage as learners are preparing themselves for the final assessment opportunity.

For those of you who are keen to learn more about these training programmes, please call or email us.

The four phases in the group work process
Learners enjoyed the group activity with regard to creating a pamphlet of poster in the ‘group work phase’ and were proud of their “artwork”. This exercise makes it easier for learners to remember the 4 phases in the group-work-process.

Time to relax in between sessions
Tea break! Basy (Gaolotlhwe Seleke), Eric Tsiane and Dorcas Koloti take a well-earned break in between sessions.