The subject matter of forensic report writing is a vital component for social workers and other professionals in the helping field. In practice it has been found that despite of years of experience, forensic reports are left wanting and gives a negative perception of social workers in court.

This workshop will enable delegates to:

  • Define forensic report writing
  • Display understanding of forensic report writing in terms of the purpose of the report, and the evidence to be provided to the court
  • Explain shortcomings of forensic reports by Social Workers
  • Review the law of evidence impacting on forensic report writing: opinion evidence
  • Explain the importance, process and proof of contracting with clients
  • Describe assessment methodologies used for information gathering for forensic reports
  • Identify the ingredients of good forensic reports
  • Explain the structure of a good forensic report
  • Analysing your forensic report to allow for improvements
  • Explain finalizing the forensic report writing process
  • Explain ethical practice in relation to forensic report writing

Marietjie van der Heever is a Social worker in Private Practice. She holds a Masters Degree in Forensic Social work. Marietjie has proved herself as a highly professional, objective and skilful practitioner.

Marietjie see herself as an advocate for the voice of the child and is passionate about adding value to the social work profession.

I found the workshop to be enlightened and informative. The workshop highlighted the importance of writing reports for the purpose of the courts.

Social worker – Child Abuse Centre

Thank you for presenting a high quality workshop on forensic report writing. I found the workshop very insightful. Being able to see examples of actual reports and having group discussions on it was very valuable.

Social worker in Private Practice

The subject matter was clearly and effectively structured in presentation format. Feedback from participants were very positive. Social workers were left with a sense of pride in their work as well as a sense of duty in professionalising their reports on a daily basis.

Social Work Supervisor

The presenter knows what she does and is in a position to provide vast information  on the subject.

Designated Social worker – Department of Social Development