Extracted from the July newsletter of The Community Development Professionalisation Steering Committee (CDPSC).

Visit: www.cdpsc.co.za/newsletter.htm

CDPSC realized that several matters must start this year if we wish to achieve professional status. We needed to start with each outstanding deliverable irrespective of how small-scale the start might be.

The CDPSC decided to start with the first part of the RPL pilot project while we wait for the completion of the QCTO process and the universities and other colleges to start offering the BCommDev degree (NQF level 8) and the certificates at NQF levels 4 & 5.The CDPSC approached CEFA (a college already offering the NQF level 5 Certificate) during 2014 for an opportunity to pilot the RPL project at NQF level 5.

At the time CEFA was training 50 learners and 30 mentors for Gauteng DSD in the CommDev Certificate at NQF level 5 and very soon an RPL Pilot Partnership was established between the CDPSC, CEFA, BP Developments & DSD Gauteng province. 12 candidates from Gauteng DSD were accepted for this RPL pilot project.

The purpose of the pilot project was to pilot the RPL Hub model and to develop an RPL toolkit for the CommDev Certificate at NQF level 5.

We, the partners, are pleased to announce that the RPL assessment phase of the pilot has started and should be completed after July 2015.

The CDPSC is forever grateful to Ms Rudaybah Raymond at Gauteng DSD and Dr Karien Lubbe at CEFA fortheir visionary spirit and commitment of their teams to this RPL pilot partnership and thereby contributing to making history with us.The CDPSC will be able to start with another RPL intake for NQF level 5 due to the excellent progress made with the pilot project thus far and we hope to soon be able to start with the NQF level 4 & 8 pilot projects too. You would have noticed that there is an RPL form on our websitehttp://www.cdpsc.co.za which you may complete should you wish to apply for RPL in CommDev level 5.

Please note that should you qualify for RPL at CommDev NQF level 5 then you must pay R5 500 to start your RPL selection and pre-screening process. This will be communicated to you once you have submitted your correctly completed RPL application form. Also note that RPL applications will only be assessed every 12 weeks, even though you can submit your application at any time online. The next due dates for RPL application form assessments are: 10 Aug 2015 and 10 Nov 2015. Alternatively you may go to the CEFA websitehttps://www.cefa.co.za/RPL/ and apply online with them for RPL.