Dear CEFA learners,
For clarity and to prevent any misunderstandings please read this following attentively:

CEFA is proud to announce that our certificate ceremony will take place on Friday, 26 May 2017. We are hereby inviting all Social Auxiliary Work learners who have been successfully verified and found competent to attend. For more clarity on which intakes are involved please read the explanation below. Please note: your fees must be paid in full to be part of the celebration.

The Certificate ceremony is a ceremonial celebration of your hard work and dedication towards building a brighter future and to serve others with your knowledge. CEFA is privileged to be part of your life story and we are honoured to take part in your celebrations.


– Individual learners from any previous intakes who have not received their certificates yet due to outstanding balances or other reasons and who wants to take part in the celebrations
– 2015 January Elsies River and Goodwood individual learners
– 2015 July Western Cape and Eastern Cape individual learners

The 2014 January and July individual learners (or any other learner) who have not received their certificates due to outstanding balances or other reasons, please contact CEFA as soon as possible to make arrangements.

As you are aware, Service Providers are by law not permitted to issue certificates. Due to circumstances out of CEFA’s control, we are still awaiting the certificates from the HWSETA for the 2015 January intake. However this does not mean that you can’t take part in the celebrations! At all Universities, Colleges, TVET’s etc. the event is ceremonial and does not necessarily mean that the actual certificate will be ready to hand over on that particular day. This is because of the fact that the process is out of the hands of the Service Provider and exact dates can therefore not be determined ahead of time. We have received the official HWSETA statement of results for the 2015 January intake and we will be giving that, as well as a CEFA Certificate of Attendance if the official certificates have not arrived by the 26th of May. The 2015 July intake learners will receive a CEFA Certificate of Attendance as part of the ceremony. This will prove that you did attend classes and completed the course successfully awaiting your certificate. This is standard practice for all Service Provider in the Sector landscape.


NG Church Vasco
53 Vasco Boulevard, Vasco (please see map)

09h00 sharp


R450.00 per learner (including 2 guests, coffee and tea, light lunch, hiring of gown ? R200.00 will be returned to each learner on returning of gown)
R80.00 per every extra person attending

Come let us celebrate together and bring tribute to those how supported you and has been there for you on this path.
We will keep you informed via our CEFA website, Facebook and SMS’s. If you any queries regarding outstanding fees, please contact Antoinette at
We are looking forward to celebrate your big day with you!