With the May General Election done and dusted, we are now well on track with continuing delivery of top class, practical, education that benefits our communities – ranging from Social Auxiliary Workers (SAWs) through Community Development (CommDev: at NQF Level 5) to Continuing Professional Development (CPD). Our outreach is growing all the time.

Our first 50 CommDev learners began their training in Gauteng on 5th May 2014, with Ms Juliet Carter as Facilitator – first for the Academic Development Module, followed by the three fundamental unit standards: (i) Apply ethical principles for practice of non-discrimination, (ii) Demonstrate understanding of the concept of human rights and democracy and its application in society, and (iii) Use language and communication strategies for vocational and occupational learning. Mentor training took place on 28th May, with 18 mentors attending. Mentor guidance and support will be in place to ensure that this first programme leads the way for this qualification to be a meaningful experience for all concerned.

All of us are excited at this big step forward in the further development of South Africa’s communities.


HWSETA Verification: We wish to inform learners who were verified in February 2014 that we are still awaiting endorsement by the HWSETA. We are following up this matter with the relevant parties, as the reason for this undue delay is not clear.

January 2013 intake: Learners who started their training in January 2013 have now completed all requirements of the qualification; those who qualified for further assessments through a development plan, wrote their examinations in May. Their portfolios of evidence are being moderated and application has already been made to the HWSETA for verification in July 2014.

March 2013 intake: Moderation of the March 2013 programmes is currently underway. Once this process is concluded CEFA will apply at the HWSETA for verification.

July 2013 intake: Learners who began studies in July 2013 are currently preparing for their Cycle 3 examinations – to be written from 2nd to 4th July. They will conclude their practical training on 15th July, whereafter they will write their summative case study examination.

October 2013 intake: These learners from Welkom and Bethlehem are currently busy with their Cycle 3 theoretical training; they will continue their practical training from 7th July.

January 2014 intake: Learners of the newyear intake are currently involved with their Cycle 2 practical training, which will continue until 19th August.

July 2014 intake: The CEFA programme admissions selection committee is working hard to process all the applications received to date, so that prospective learners can be notified of the outcome of their applications. Apart from the approximately 270 learners from CWSA, we have received applications from some 80 private learners – the majority from the Western Cape. Other applications have been received from the Free State, North West, KwaZulu-Natal and the Eastern Cape. It still remains a challenge to find mentors for all of these private learners, but we are convinced that we will find them.

January 2015: Whilst processing the July 2014 applications, we have received numerous enquiries for the January 2015 intake. These people will be contacted as soon as the current applications have been processed.

Mentor Training: During the past two months CEFA has honoured its commitment to CWSA to make good the mentor training that could not be realised in 2013. Dr Patrick Smith, Manager: Teaching and Learning, visited and offered training in mentoring and coaching in Polokwane and Thohoyandou, Limpopo, Middelburg in Mpumalanga and in Edenvale, Gauteng from 12th to 16th May. A total of 68 Social Workers attended the training, which was well received. It was evident that the relative isolation of the respective offices and the rural environment, together with a significant lack of resources, impacts adversely on the practitioners in these areas. A frequent request was for CEFA to offer more training – especially in CPD programmes.

A successful Open Day programme was hosted in Tzaneen on 14th May, attended by 40 Social Workers. The majority expressed willingness to become mentors, should training be offered in that area.

Project and Steering Committee Meetings

The team meeting of the CWSA Strengthening Social Welfare Workforce Project with CEFA Teaching and Learning management (as service provider for the SAWs training) was held on 27th May. The meeting took a hard, critical look at the lessons learned during the first 18 months of this three year project; ways to redress the challenges encountered were explored.

At the conclusion of the Workforce Project meeting, Dr Smith (CEFA Manager, Teaching and Learning) was invited to report on training progress at the CWSA steering committee meeting for this project, on 29th May. Dr Smith’s report feedback was received positively – and he attended the full meeting, where both logistical and resource challenges of the organisation were discussed.

A further 270 learners will be trained over the next 18 months, in order to meet the targeted total of training 500 SAWs.


Workplace Validations
Validation visits were conducted to determine whether settings are consistent with programme requirements for practical training, are conducive to learning – and are compliant with the health and safety regulations. Although some involved appear to not take this too seriously, these validation visits are a requirement of both the HWSETA and the South African Qualifications Authority. They also provide assurance as to the top quality of CEFA training.

HWSETA Verification
At CEFA we are pushing ahead with preparing for the proposed verification visit towards the end of July 2014.

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