January 2014

To be known as a teacher is a high compliment!


A new year – with some old issues carried forward. Let us hope that the development of the social welfare of South Africa’s many peoples will move forward with enhanced meaning. May new opportunities of cooperation and coordination continue to open up between classroom theory and practical engagement – and between the boundary pushers of the academic world and the
practical application of their research in the work-place.

The demand for skilled professionals who are well educated in the practical application of social welfare – and in helping people to help themselves – remains ever present. As we have said so often, we need to carry on training – and reduce the critical shortages in the ranks of the social welfare professionals.


All the measures and training which were in hand by the end of last year are going forward. They include:

our training programme for the new Community Development NQF Level 5 qualification;
our training programme for Child Welfare South Africa commenced in January 2013 – over
3 years 500 learners are being trained as Social Auxiliary Workers;
our CPD Programme – with 29 different programmes registered with the SACSSP;
our CBA franchise with:17 new full qualifications – focusing mainly on Leadership, Business Practice & Administration, New Venture Creation, Project Management, Marketing and Operations;
skills programmes – mainly based on the Unit Standards comprising full qualifications;
including: numeracy and literacy packs, Basic Life Skills, Health and Safety, HIV & AIDS, Leadership Skills and Computer Skills.


The excitement of the festive season is fast fading; meanwhile CEFA’s training
programmes and activities are a reality.

The End of 2013

We have now been able to issue the certificates of all learners who were verified in October 2012 and July 2013; the long wait is over. Despite all the agony, our newly qualified Social Auxiliary Workers (SAWs) were very excited to receive them. Some have informed us about their registration with the South African Council for Social Service Professions (SACSSP); some are already employed in organisations such as children’s homes, non-profit organisations (NPOs) and with the Department of Social Development (DSD). We wish them well in their future endeavours.

Verification in February 2014

The scheduled date for verification of learners who completed their studies in July 2013 is 13th February. Learners must be available on the day so that the verifier can meet them to validate the learning process outlined in the social auxiliary work programme. Those who need to be present will be contacted soon and invited to be part of the verification process.

SAW Training Updates – 2013 Intakes

January 2013 intake: Learners who began their training in January 2013 are currently busy writing their reassessments of Modules 7, 8 and 9; they will be writing their summative case study assessments on 10th February 2014. The first reassessment for this examination will be written on 10th March; the second reassessment opportunity is due to be written on 28th March.

March 2013 intake: Examinations for modules 7, 8 and 9 will be written on 26th to 28th February.

July 2013 intake: Learners who commenced their studies in July 2013 are currently busy with their
practical training and will conclude Cycle 2 on 18th March.

October 2013 intake: Learners from Welkom and Bethlehem who began their studies in October are now busy with their Cycle 1 practical training; they will write their first examinations at the end of February.

SAW Training Update – January 2014 intake.

Two new programmes started in January this year. Last year we were inundated with enquiries about the SAW programme, but the rate of applications received was slow. Most applications were received In December, after the actual closing date – right up to the day of registration in January. Currently enrolment is for Cape Town and Upington. A few of the learners who enrolled for the Cape Town programme are from North West, Eastern Cape, Gauteng and rural parts of the Western Cape; they are prepared to wait until a group of learners can meet in their regions. Learners attending the programme in Upington are travelling there from other parts of the province.

Late enquiries about the programme and the late applications can directly be linked to the release of matric results only on 7th January; some learners heard only later still that they either did not qualify for university admission or that they did not secure a place at the institution where they had hoped to study.

Registration of learners with the SACSSP will be finalised on 3rd February, when the Manager: Teaching and Learning will meet with the interim Registrar of the Council. CEFA is making a concerted
effort to streamline all processes of registration in order to avoid any later confusion. Learners who did not meet the deadlines for submission of the required documents for these processes must be
aware that the end date for completion of their studies will thus be delayed.

Mentor orientation and training for the Cape Town intake was held on 30th January 2014 – attendance was phenomenal. The mentors who attended have expressed themselves of the benefits for each
individually – and how they have been enriched by being mentors. They are kept up to date by learners asking questions and thereby having to be more reflective in their own practice.

Community Development

A number of enquiries about the Community Development programme have been received from individual learners as well as from local and provincial government departments. Applications
received are mainly from individuals scattered across the country. This programme will be started as soon as possible – and all applicants will be advised accordingly.


We started our web site in 2010 – and we had 7 200 visitors that year. By the end of 2013 more than 47 000 people worldwide had visited us. In January 2014 we were visited by 2 750 people from across the globe, between them making a total of 3 594 visits to our web site. 62% of our visitors were from South Africa, whilst others were from countries such as Kenya, Nigeria, Brazil, the USA, Japan, Holland, Germany and the Ukraine.

We welcome your visits, your enquiries and your interest. We need to hear from you. What sparks your interest in the practical training and career paths that we offer? Please tell us – we are a call away.

We look forward to meeting you.