(Sponsored by Johann & Gaynor Rupert Foundation)
Teaching from personal experience is probably one of the most powerful methods of conveying important life lessons to others.

Our group of students attending the “Be the Difference” Programme in Hawston was recently blown away by guest speaker, Riaan Stoffels, who came to share his incredible life story. Growing up in Macassar, Riaan faced challenges and circumstances that few of us can imagine. However, realising at some point in his life that even though there may be things that he had no control over, there were things where he could make different choices to effect different outcomes. Riaan courageously changed his life around to become a respected and influential leader in his community. The students were profoundly touched by his sincerity, gentleness and desire to encourage young people to learn from the mistakes that he had made and to be the difference in their communities and their own lives by taking responsibility for their choices. In the picture is Riaan Stoffels (middle) with some of the students