Continuing Education for Africa

At CEFA we understand the value of education. Everybody has the right to education.  At CEFA you will learn to make a real difference in communities and build on the legacy of our rainbow nation.

Our aim is to equip young people throughout South Africa with knowledge, skills and values to empower them to become involved in the development of people and communities.

Our training model is unique in the sense that training occurs in communities, is outcomes based, and programmes are accredited and on various National Qualification Framework (NQF) levels.

We offer a wide variety of courses. From our full time Social Auxiliary Work and Community Development courses to CPD training, short courses that include HIV & AIDS Support, Counselling, Adult Learning, Train the Trainer, Social Work Supervision and One Day Workshops.

As an accredited training provider all our programmes comply with the requirements set by the South African Qualification Authority (SAQA), the South African Council fir Social Service Professions (SACSSP) and all relevant ETQA’s . Training takes place at the workplace where a designated mentor will carefully guide your through the process.  This way people are trained whilst they continue to work, thereby remaining economically independent.

Together with the training of learners, members of the community are empowered to be used as facilitators and are supported by our mentorship and coaching programmes. This way indigenous knowledge is embedded in the subject matter and sustainability of our projects are ensured.

Established in 2004, Continuing Education for Africa (CEFA) is a proud accredited Training Provider for National Certificates in Community Development (NQF Level 5 – ETDP SETA) and Social Auxiliary Work (NQF Level 4 & 5 – HWSETA). The CEFA my-eLEARNING platform offers students access to a wide variety of registered and credit bearing short courses as well as Continues Professional Development (CPD) courses for professionals.

We are a Not-for-Profit (NPC) company and we meet all BBBEE requirements. During 2014 CEFA celebrated its 10th Anniversary. We were the very first (for a long time the only) accredited service provider for Social Auxiliary Work training. CEFA is the proud recipient of the ISOE and Best Practice awards. Our head office is in Wellington, Western Cape, and we have more than 60 delivery points across all provinces in South Africa and the rest of Africa.

Meet the Team

Dr. Karien Lubbe
Chief Executive Officer

Ms. Lea Adams
Non-Executive Director

Ms. Marietjie van der Heever
Non-Executive Director

CEFA believes in treating everyone in the way in which we would like them to treat us – honestly and fairly, with courtesy, consideration, sympathy and understanding – and with due regard to ethical business standards.

All those with whom CEFA communicates and conducts business should know and understand CEFA’s beliefs, operating principles and code of conduct.

Scope of Code

This Code applies to the conduct and behaviour of all CEFA Board Members and staff – and to anyone else whilst operating in the name, or under the auspices, of CEFA – in their daily activities, business dealings and inter-personal relationships.

Every CEFA stakeholder, director and staff member is required to behave and conduct operations at all times responsibly, ethically and in terms of commonly applicable moral, contractual and general legal obligations in respect of:

    • the laws of the country or countries in which CEFA is operating;
    • all suppliers and service providers;
    • all other stakeholders, directors, staff and their families; and
    • all interested parties as well as the general public at large.

CEFA supports promotion of the educational and welfare enhancement aims of the country, including achievement of United Nations and local Millennium Goals and Government’s National Development Plan: Vision 2030, in the achievement of a better life for all.

CEFA people will at all times act and behave within a concept of utmost good faith, characterised by integrity, reliability – and a commitment to promote as far as possible the welfare of everyone, avoiding damage or harm to others.

CEFA people will not differentiate or prejudice anyone on the basis of race, gender, faith or background. In turn CEFA expects that those with whom CEFA deals will operate and behave with similar commitment.

CEFA will at all times:

  • honour all contractual obligations – subject to force majeure;
    aim to develop, where appropriate, mutually beneficial long term relationships;
  • act with mutual respect for the confidentiality of operating information;
    treat with all suppliers and service providers impartially on an arms length basis, with prompt payment for all goods and services correctly delivered;
  • the effective resolution of disputes or difficulties;
  • never knowingly accept, or condone acceptance of, any financial or other inducement that may be construed as impairing or prejudicing their ethic of doing business fairly, honestly and impartially.

CEFA people will obey the laws of the land, and cooperate with all relevant supervisory and regulatory bodies of the country or countries in which CEFA is operating. Unresolved moral disagreement with any such laws or regulations may lead to withdrawal of CEFA activity from the country, area or activity in question.

  • CEFA subscribes to the principle of fair and equitable employment for all, without differentiation on the grounds of race, gender, disability, religion or political beliefs.
  • CEFA seeks to remunerate everyone fairly according to their market value and their contribution to the operation and development of CEFA and its aims.
  • CEFA endeavours at all times to create a safe and harmonious work environment;
  • CEFA looks to provide training and development opportunities and counselling to all staff appropriate to CEFA and individual personal abilities, needs and aspirations.
  • Within the principle of individual contribution capability as the main determinant for career development, CEFA will, where reasonable, take additional measures to improve the prospects of those who are historically, educationally and/or physically challenged.
  • Above all, CEFA believes in treating all staff with dignity, respect and courtesy. In turn, CEFA expects each stakeholder, director and staff member to treat all colleagues in the same way.

CEFA recognises a commitment to corporate social responsibility, especially in the context of education and creating a better life for all.
Therefore CEFA will at all times:

  • communicate openly, honestly and with integrity;
  • not knowingly mislead in our marketing and advertising;
  • not deliberately or knowingly abuse public trust; and
  • treat all members of the public with dignity, courtesy and consideration.

Should CEFA discover or should it be brought to our attention – that any CEFA director or member of staff has in any way apparently contravened the CEFA Code of Conduct, appropriate action will be taken to:

    • discipline and, if necessary, suspend or remove from office any stakeholder, director or staff member proven beyond reasonable doubt to have contravened the Code;
    • remedy and make good any damage caused by any established contravention;
    • if appropriate, revise and improve the Code to help obviate any repetition of such contravention.

CEFA will at all times treat with utmost confidentiality any Code contraventions reports sources – and will take seriously any meaningful and well-intentioned contributions from anyone aimed at improving CEFA’s Code of Conduct and its observance.


Ensure that there are enough well motivated and appropriately trained educators, mentors and management teams in the locations where and when they are needed.


All in need irrespective of gender, race, faith, financial or other bias, shall be educated so as to empower them to develop to the fullest extent of their own capabilities. This will include personal life skills together with enhancement of family, community and national welfare in a comprehensive and meaningful enjoyment of life.
Provide the required quality and quantity of education, training, development and mentoring skills to meet the demands of the vision and mission which enable and empower all those whom are trained to:

  • earn a meaningful living by legal means;
  • contribute to environmental stability and community development;
  • respect the rights of others;
  • combat – and assist others to combat – the impacts of adversity and disaster, both man made and natural CEFA training is based on its commitment to believing in core values of:
  • leadership in the provision of top quality empowerment education, training and practical application skills;
  • education and training as the key to human development in contributing to the quality of life of individuals and their communities;
  • the capability of all people to learn and enrich their lives;
  • investment in social capital through equipping learners with the necessary knowledge, skills and qualities to become highly qualified self-reliant practioners in the fields for which they have been trained.