2021 February Vasco Intake, Cycle 3
Facilitator – Stelsia Krynauw

One of the modules in Cycle 3 is Project Management.
The first step of the Project Management module is to identify the issue or problem in the
community that needs to be addressed. Learners had group discussions during which they identified issues faced by their communities that could be addressed through Community Development projects.

Here is some feedback we received from our students:

The Social Auxiliary Work (SAW) training course was an opportunity to perceive myself in a new light, creating a shift in my sense of what I am capable of. It has enhanced my community development work abilities and capabilities. With all the information and knowledge I have gained, I will become a better TEAM player, whose contribution will assist in quality service delivery to our clientele, while bettering the living standards of our community. – M Mbini (AKA! Duke)

The Social Auxiliary Worker Course empowered me to advise people to develop skills by referring them to use resources that are available to our society. It has also taught me to have a better outlook by educating children to think more positively and to advise parents with regards to parenting skills, as well as the importance of building relationships with their children. I understand the importance, and as a parent strive to build better relationships with my children. This course has helped me improve my mindset when it comes to helping people and acknowledging that people deal with their problems differently. It has also helped me understand how to assist them when dealing with or solving a problem, as well as motivate them to think more positively. – Brenda Dyalom

CEFA has helped me, by educating me with the knowledge and information of becoming a Social Auxiliary Worker. I have become a better person and my confidence is growing. I grew up in a rural area of the Eastern Cape and recently moved to the Western Cape. I was struggling to speak English. Today I feel more confident and continue to try when speaking English. Thank you CEFA for all the knowledge you have taught me, for helping me understand and for allowing me to grow. – Bonelwa Ngalo

CEFA has given me the chance to express myself in the only way that matters to me. By helping people, delivering heartfelt service to society, I get to change not only my life but the people I work with. If I had to describe CEFA and this course in two words, it would be life changing! – Lynn Phillips

I matriculated in 1996, English is my second language. I struggled at first, but thanks to my facilitator, Stelsia Krynauw, I was able to understand the content as she would assist me by translating and explaining it to me. I put my learning into practice by taking part in conversations. In class we use references, regular reading and writing in our own words and this has helped me to boost my confidence. We are in a safe and friendly environment where learning and growing is a priority to prepare us for the workplace. I may not be 100% with my spelling, but I am proud of myself. Thank you CEFA and Stelsia. – Nobahle Booi

During my theoretical training, I have learned so much about myself and more about Social Work. I, like many others in the community, had the perspective that Social Workers don’t do their jobs right, but during my training, I realized that they actually don’t get the recognition they deserve. The facilitating was outstanding and I could therefore understand and do my practical training with a lot of confidence. I have learnt how to support, how to observe, how to share and how to interact. I have grown in this profession will my heart and soul and I am looking forward to all my theoretical cycles. I can confidently say that I am ready and competent for this profession, thanks to my training. – Anonymous

This program has taught me to be a good listener, be attentive, not to interrupt the client when he/she is talking and to only ask questions to ensure understanding. When I started the program, I was very worried knowing that I have not been in class for a long time. In the second week of the program, I started understanding more and more with the help of my teacher and now I enjoy the program. I now understand that people need help and I am able to help them with the skills I have learnt in class and to guide them to where they can get help. The knowledge I have learnt has helped me change my attitude, and to be loving and caring towards other people’s need and how they feel. I can listen to their problems and help where I can. I must always be calm and treat people in a good and respectable manner, for them to disclose their problems to me and know that it is confidential. – Brenda N Alobwede